25 Jul


For a more traditional shopping experience, you go to the Moubarakiya or traditional souq (market). Here is where the more conservative locals gather at night. At the Moubarakiyya you can find a few items that will serve as souvenirs in the absence of the traditional postcards or fridge magnets (no tourists here, remember?). Possible options are spices or local cookies. Especially the latter is very good, and they come in all sorts of varieties. Local salesmen are always happy to let you try one or two. While you are here, pass by the fish hall and the butcher’s street. Not quite like the Avenues, no? Try to eat at the Moubarakiyya at least once during your stay. Food is delicious, authentic and cheap. Two main dishes will serve to feed a family of 6, and you will still have food left. From Lebanese to Egyptian and Iranian: everyone will find something to his or her liking here.

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